SaaS Integrations

Best of breed SaaS solutions are helping organizations achieve objectives in each of the targeted business areas. But, how do you integrate these Saas Solutions such as Salesforce, Workday, and ServiceNow?

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Enterprise Connectivity

How do we unlock data in the legacy systems that have been developed over decades? How do make our existing Web Services, and applications participate in our Cloud and Mobile initiatives?

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API Management and Microservices

What is Microservices, and how does API Management fit into this architecture?

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Cloud and Mobile

Migration, Integration, and Development

Your Enterprise decided to take advantage of cloud offerings, and wants some mobile functionality as well. Either to enable workforce, or create a new amazing customer experience. Management believes that is the moving forward strategy to enable the business for success.

The Enterprise also has legacy applications, that were developed in an other era. There are some webservices deployed, and some ETL/Batch processes running daily copying data from one system to another.

We can migrate business functions to cloud applications, build new cloud native applications, integrate all the cloud applications with the on-prem legacy systems, and create workflows that orchestrate accross all of these systems seamlessly to deliver business processes.

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Our advantages

New Revenue Streams

Some of our strategies revolve around increasing revenue either thru new products, or new markets. We build new products, and functionality along with creating self service capabilities for existing products and services to create these new revenue streams.

Reduce Time to Market

We can help you put in processes, technologies, and solutions to reduce implementation times, and deliver sooner than usual.

We will build, publish, and reuse a lot of components, and artifacts to help us deliver quicker. Appropriate tooling,technology, and architecture needs to be in place to achieve the optimum result.

Increase Project Throughput

Once we put together the development approach, architecture, and artifacts, We can deliver more projects with the same resources, reusing most of the artifacts, and focusing on more configuration rather than custom coding.


Keeping the team focused on a goal, and motivated to do their best to achieve it